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I remember the time when I first built my humble home recording studio. I started off as a music arranger, but the thought of having my own recording studio and a space to work began itching in very quickly. So I read all the best-selling books to building a home studio I could get my hands on and scoured the internet for almost every tip & trick I could get, to build a home recording studio. What are types of acoustic foam I could use? The construction of the entire room. Everything.

I began in humble beginnings until I am able to travel for music. However, my journey is still far from over. Along the way, I may encounter many obstacles that for some, these might be enough for them to give up. Many people help me though, and if you want to be one of them, you can donate any time of the day. You can send them through my paypal account: gato@gatobarbierimusic.com. In return, I will give you an all-access to all my exclusive music that I use in my travels.