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Have you heard of face strap-ons? Of course you have, you naughty thing, you! Here, we will go through some of the positions you can try, ways to make it all safe, and some tips on how to maximize the pleasure while playing with your partner.

What is face dildo strap on?

Face strap-on dildo is a sex toy that looks similar to other strap-ons. There is a harness and all. The only difference here is that the person will be wearing the harness on their face instead of as a replacement for their genitals. 

That means you will control the toy using your head, giving yourself a unique opportunity to dildo face fuck your partner. It’s a dream come true, right? The popularity of the toy is quite high in the BDSM community since Doms love putting this toy on their partner’s head to ride them to bliss. 

Who should wear them?

Anyone could wear a face dildo. There are no rules. The only requirement for the toy is that a person has a head, which is quite common, as you might have guessed. 

One of the reasons why the toy is so popular in femdom is that it gives the rider a sense of control. They will dictate the pace for the most part, and it is an excellent toy for power play and domination. But what many people fail to understand is that face dildos are not designed specifically for lesbian couples. 

While it might seem like a perfect opportunity for those without a penis, the reality is a bit different. It turns out the majority of wearers of face dildos are men. Many people enjoy face sitting, and this is something that will help you take it to the next level. 

Sexy ways to face fuck your Partner/s

There are so many unique ways to use a femdom face dildo, and the options are nearly limitless. Of course, it all comes down to what you and your partner enjoy doing, as well as sex positions you can try out. 

Queening Or kinging

Queening or kinging is commonly known as facesitting. As one person is on the back, their partner will sit on their face to “force” them to perform oral. Of course, what you can see in porn videos is staged. The person agrees to this type of action, and the forcing part is just the power play between the two people. 

While standard queening involves oral, using a face dildo can spice things up. The dominant person will be able to ride the toy, and their partner will enjoy the view. 


Pegging is similar to PIV sex, but the only difference is that the roles are reversed. A female will wear a strap-on, and they will be in the dominant role. The reason for the popularity of this sexual practice is role swapping. Suddenly, a girl is the one in control, and they get to fuck their partner. 

For boys, the change in the routine is also a welcomed one, but the main pleasure comes from prostate massage or stimulation. The prostate is a gland located under the bladder, and by stimulating it, you can experience intense orgasms. 

Now, what is the easiest way to reach the prostate? The answer is through the butt. Pegging also works great with face dildos as well. Since you can use any position you like, it is up to you to decide how you want to approach the situation. One of the options is kinging, which is similar to queening but with the male partner on top. 

Double penetration

Using a face dildo opens a whole new world of possibilities. There are toys that don’t cover one’s mouth, like the chin dildo, which gives an opportunity to the wearer to perform oral while still using a dildo. You can use the toy on the other hole as well or find a model that works similarly to double-ended toys. 

Of course, these are quite popular in femdom as well since the wearer will have to have a dildo in their mouth while satisfying their partner. A version of this toy also comes with a gag ball on the other side. 

In the end, you can use the toy however you want. The only important thing is that both you and your partner enjoy the experience, so don’t be afraid to try out something new and even unusual. Hell, you can be a sexy unicorn (uniporn?) if you feel like it! 

Threesome-like (69)

If you always wanted to try a threesome, but never wanted to do it with anyone other than your boyfriend, now is a perfect chance for it. Sex toys allow you to simulate this experience while not having to worry about a thing. The best position for it if you plan on using this toy is 69. 

You can ride a toy on his head while he plays with your clit, and you will spend that time playing with his real penis. It is a win-win situation, and you will feel like you are with two people at once. 

Tips to use a strap on dildo

The only way to fully enjoy using sex toys is if you do it correctly. Facesitting is not for everyone, and the first thing you’ll need to do is lay down some ground rules. That can include a safeword, so both of you know when to stop. 

When it comes to using the toy, the most important thing is cleaning. You should clean your toys thoroughly before and after each use, and face strap-ons work well with a condom as well. 

Of course, if you are inexperienced in the field, the best course of action would be to start small. Find a reasonable-sized dildo, and build your way up, or try to have one from LG. Once you and your partner get comfortable with it, you can always switch to the bigger version.